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  • Android Monetization

    Secure your IP and increase your revenue with Sentinel

  • Are you getting the maximum ROI from your Android offering?
    Want an easy way to safeguard your software and grow your business?

    Android has been taking the hardware world by storm, showing up in all kinds of devices – from phones and tablets, to wearables, TVs, and even automotive. Although it is easier than ever to develop offerings for this platform, it has become significantly harder to prevent revenue loss.

    Whether your offering is an Android tablet that controls machinery or a high-end business application, revenue is not something you should ever have to compromise on. Many hardware manufacturers are turning to solutions that can securely manage the software embedded within their devices. This has the dual benefit of protecting their Intellectual Property (IP) and allowing them to differentiate features on the software side, all without affecting the customer experience.

    Software monetization solutions designed for Android are ideally suited to a remote environment. The freedom and flexibility they afford are beneficial in carrying out predictive maintenance on industrial-sized machines, such as elevators and pollution controllers, and in ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to these devices.

    Sentinel’s software monetization solutions are the first of their kind to offer anyone developing on Android superior security, remote management, and profit-making capabilities. Benefits include:

    • IP Protection

      Keep your intellectual property and trade secrets safe from competitive theft and reverse engineering.

    • Increased Mobility

      Control every aspect of your device, no matter its format or geographical location.

    • Remote Feature Enablement

      Enable more of your device’s functionality in the field, saving you the high cost of on-site maintenance.

    • Enhanced User Experience

      Integrate your Android applications with Sentinel solutions for effective licensing and greater customer satisfaction.

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    About Gemalto’s Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions

    Gemalto, through its acquisition of SafeNet, is the market-leading provider of software licensing and entitlement management solutions for on-premise, embedded, and cloud-based software vendors. Gemalto’s Sentinel is the most trusted brand in the software industry for secure, flexible, and future-proof software monetization solutions.